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First Grade Snow/Fog Day Cancellation Information

Future school cancellation days will now be Remote Learning days the remainder of this school year. To help alleviate parent concerns over helping children during school hours and simultaneously adhering to your own work schedules, First Grade will be implementing a Choice Board. This is different from our Remote Learning plan that was sent at the beginning of the school year, because that plan was intended for LONG TERM learning.

CHOICE BOARD - Please find attached the Choice Board for February cancellations. This should be left in the folder so that it is available at all times. Students will choose one activity from each column for each missed day of school. Guardians will need to initial the box for the corresponding activities chosen and submit any paper/pencil work that was completed. Submit completed work within 2 days after the missed school days.

CHROMEBOOKS - Teachers will try to send Chromebooks home on nights where inclement weather is forecasted; however, this may not always be the case. There are multiple squares on the Choice Board that allows for activities to be completed without technology. Please remember that Chromebooks are to be used for educational purposes. Students should not be using them to play games, search the internet or watch YouTube. It is MANDATORY for students to return the Chromebooks and chargers to school the next school day, as we use them in class daily.

GOOGLE MEET - First grade teachers will be available on a Google Meet from 11 -11:30 on cancellation days to answer questions about the choice board. Attendance is NOT required; it is just available for you if needed. Teachers may also be reached from 10-3 on cancellation days via email or Remind messaging.

MAKE-UP DAYS - We will be IN SESSION AT SCHOOL on Feb. 15th and April 5th for make-up days from previously missed days. Again, these days will NOT be remote, we will be in school.

GYM, MUSIC, ART - Please check the Google Classrooms for these classes to complete the make-up work.

If you have any questions about our Snow/Fog Day Cancellation plan, please contact us. It is our goal to make this as simple on our families as possible, while still allowing your child to gain some educational experiences on these days. Thanks for your continued support!

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